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What the car detailing is ?

Car detailing is an activity whose main purposes are restoring the quality of the car surfaces (and the crafts) and their protection.
The detailing activity includes services of cleaning, improving the aspect, restoring and protection of the external and internal car surfaces
A regular usage of the detailing services delays the aging of the materials and maintains the bright, new-looking aspect of the surfaces for a longer period of time.
Our detailing services have a real influence on the surfaces status and a long-lasting effect and come together with the PRO DETAIL EXPERT CENTER Guarantee.

The detailing represents an investment
Besides the satisfaction brought by a new-looking car, you will find out that the reselling price is higher compared to what you can get for a car that never had a detailing treatment.
As a matter of fact the surplus can cover an important part of the investment in the detailing treatment.

Interior detailing (cleaning of the upholstery, dashboard and other surfaces, and applying the protection)

The interior of the modern car is made from a variety of materials and has many curve surfaces, niches, and equipments which can be affected by dust and moisture.
The interior detailing operations require a good knowledge of these materials particularities as well as the recommendations of the producers concerning their maintenance.

Interior detailing full operations 


We use a hard brush to rub the carpet. Through this method the sand and the dust are removed from the carpet. Another accessory used in vacuuming is the air pistol which ensures a pre-cleaning of the joints, sewings and other narrow and inaccessible spaces.   
Removing the spots
We use specific cleaners for the spots from the carpet, upholstery and ceiling, in accordance with the spot type.
The shampooing and cleaning of the textile surfaces
The next step is a general shampooing of the entire surface which includes the carpet, the textile parts of the upholstery and the vinyl surfaces. 
The shampooing is carried out manual, using a foaming shampoo, or with a rotating machine endowed with plastic brushes of two sizes. The shampoo foam has the role of catching the dust particles between its bubbles.
In order to perform this operation we use a high power vacuum cleaner, with a water heater. The hot water is pulverized over the surface and vacuumed together with the shampoo foam. If the interior is not very dirty we can use an extractor with a reduced foaming.
The rinsing is important because, without it, the remains of the dry shampoo can be transformed into a real "magnet" for dirtiness.
After the material is rinsed and the water is extracted very carefully the interior is dried using a special heater.
The drying is important because of two aspects:

  • Allow the using of the textile protectors and 
  • Create an unfavorable environment for the development of the mould and unpleasant odours.
  • Applying of the textile protection and interior dressing 

The textile upholstery, the carpet and the ceiling are treated, after the drying, with a special textile protector. These protectors were created to act as a thin film on the material surface, allowing the material, at the same time, to breathe.
The film confers a certain degree of impermeability to the material, by protecting it and giving it a remarkable resistance to the dirtiness.
The vinyl surfaces and other synthetic materials from inside the car, are protected and revitalized with an interior dressing, after the cleaning.
Leather treatment
In order to maintain its appearance and qualities, the leather finishing requires a special care with the role of preventing the dehydration.
The dehydrated leather loses its elasticity, becomes harder and breakable. The result: premature grazes and fissures that confer to the leather an used and old aspect.
The leather treatment consists in two steps:

  • The cleaning with a special cleaner with a balanced pH so that the leather not to be affected and
  • Using of a special created conditioner which penetrate rapidly the leather, giving back to it the elasticity and softness.

Exterior detailing full operations

  • A detailing service consists of different types of operations in accordance with the material type the operations are performed on.
  • The first operation for the exterior is the decontamination of the surfaces using special argils (cleanser and nonabrasive) which retain the impurities from the paint pores without affecting the surface.
  • The next operation is the polish which can be made in 1-5 steps (more if necessary) varying with the surface status. The main purpose of the polish is removing the fine scratches that cause the loss of the shine and create the cobweb effect (visible when a source of light is reflected on the surface). Our personnel use abrasive paste with different aggressiveness, taking into account the client’s intentions and the condition of the paint, so that the final surface is perfectly rectified and has a showroom finishing.  
  • The last operation of the paint treatment is the application of the sealant protection (this is a synthetic polymer that does not allow the moisture and micro-particles to penetrate). The sealant layers, applied in conditions well defined for each season, determine a resistant shield, flexible and colorless.
  • The shield protects the paint and the gloss by absorbing the UV rays (which create the discoloration of the pigments from the paint) and retaining the micro-particles and moisture from the atmosphere, hence preventing them to enter in the pores and the imperfections of the finishing. The same protection layer takes an important part of the aggressions of the environmental agents, protecting the surfaces against the tarnishing and fine scratches.
  • The tires and ornaments from synthetic materials are treated with a dressing (in the summer) or a gel (in the winter). The gel offers protection in the cold season against the different corrosive actions. The dressing offers protection in the warm season against the oxidative effect caused by the UV rays and high temperatures.
  • The exterior protection layer has an average resistance of 3 months to 1 year depending on the treatment performed, the number of the covered kilometers and how the car is used and kept.



Frequent Questions

What does “car detailing” mean?

The car detailing can be defined as a sum of the operations targeted to the revitalization/ restoration and protection of its various surfaces.
A professional detailing operator uses systematical procedures with the purpose of giving a new, high-quality appearance to the car. The operator combines the chemical products, the equipment, the knowledge about different parts of the vehicle, the professional standards and the client's desires, in order to reach this goal.

What are the duration and the cost of a detailing treatment?

You have to come to our center so that we be able to give you an accurate estimation. Our specialists will verify the status of your car and will ask you a few questions and then will recommend you the adequate package of services.

I have just bought my car. When do I have to come for the first detailing treatment?

If you have just bought your car now is the ideal moment to come for the first detailing treatment to our center.
If the protection is applied before the car surfaces to be affected by the environment factors you will get the best result. Besides that we will offer you a special price since the cleaning, the correction and the decontamination of the surfaces are no longer necessary.

How long does the treatment effect last?

The treatment effect DOES NOT disappear after the first rain or washing! A detailing service well done has effects that last months since the quality of the surfaces is restored and then protected.
The tarnishing of the paint and the varnish is removed, not hidden! And the protection applied reduces the worn-out caused by the environment factors.

Why do you offer packages of services?

The twelve basic packages were conceived taking into account the services required frequently by the clients.
We systematized the operations and established clear procedures, the services were fulfilled more quickly and better and the result was the best quality at the lowest price.
The packages of services have several obvious advantages: they meet the major needs of the cars owners, offer the best value for money and maintain the quality standards in time.

Can I buy only certain services from a detailing package?

YES, but it is not recommendable. We advise you to ask for a personalized services package, whose price will be very close to the price of the standard packages and will contain specific services for the needs of your car.
Why is not advisable to choose individual services? On one hand because the total amount of the individual services from a package is higher than the price of the package. And on the other hand, if you polish only one car wing – considering that is the only one tarnished - that wing might be discordant with the rest of the car, by freshness and brightness. If you clean only a chair/door - considering that the others are not stained - you will notice how dirty, actually the other ones are. It is not natural to wash only one hand because only that one is dirty.

What is the role of the "season" treatments from the car maintenance program?

The environment factors that affect the car surfaces and precipitate its aging are, in general: the acid rains, the trees resins, the birds residues, UV rays, the alternation warm-cold, the pollution, the bitumen and the marking paint from the roads, etc.
The purpose of the season treatments is to offer, first, a protection shield against the highly aggressive factors in a certain season, along with a general protection. Gloves and overcoat in the winter, umbrella and protection cream in the summer, this is, in a few words a translation of the season treatments.

What does the professional treatment mean?

The polishing represents a detailing operation whose result is the brushing up of the paint surface.
This process can be a simple decontamination or a cleaning polishing – which could be made in one single step – or can be a long-lasting process that involves the using of various pastes and products (wool, sponge).
The preparation of a car for showroom, for instance, can imply up to 13 polishing steps. But the car looks like a new car!
Another important thing is that the polishing is completely different by waxing, even if they seem to be similar. The polishing goal is to restore the quality of the surfaces and the waxing purpose is to protect and emphasize the brightness of the surfaces.
The structure of the polishing product is quite complex (a mixture of abrasive substances, resins, polymers and various other substances) and therefore its action is complex as well: this product cuts the paint layer, fill the imperfections and can cover the surface with a protection layer.
As a consequence of this complexity many people exaggerate the possibility of the polishing and they expect the polishing to solve all the problems. (The producers and the marketing specialists use this desire of the cars owners and feeding it up!). You can find below, for your information, a part of the problems that can be worked out by the professional polish.

Problems that can be solved using the professional treatment
  • water stains,
  • oxidations,
  • acid attacks of the birds residues (if they are treated in due time),
  • acid rains spots,
  • gloss lack and tarnished areas,
  • various kinds of contamination (splashing with other paint, with cement, lime, trees tannin strains, trees resin and dry insects, etc.),
  • scratches which are not larger than the thickness of the varnish or paint,
  • the worn-out appearance of the paint,
  • discoloration caused by the UV rays.

What does “sealant” mean?

The word comes from the English language and named a product used to protect the paint. In English “Seal” means seal, a tightening device.
The sealant is a paste, a synthetic wax, a resin/a polymer that closes the paint finishing in an elastic “shell” giving to the paint a long-lasting protection against the environment elements.
But if the wax can be used as a protector it is a sealant as well? Technically, yes. The sealants can contain waxes but they also have other ingredients that make them to be more than a wax. The sealant is a protection which can lasts up to over 1 year .

Why should I not go to the local car-wash or to a neighbor? I see that they do polish as well.

The reason could be similar when a woman goes to the maternity to deliver her baby and not to a midwife or when you go to the doctor to treat your infection instead of following the recommendations of a neighbor.
Or when you send your wife to a beauty salon for a skin treatment and for a hair-cut instead of sending her to the barber's shop where is cheaper.
In conclusion: if at the local car-wash are people special trained for detailing and they "did not steal the art", if it is clear that they know what they do and are able to give you a logical explanation for each operation, if they have proven knowledge about the materials contained in a car and they are capable to offer a different solution for each of them, if they offer you a guarantee for the delivered surfaces and if you are sure they will be in the same place after 6 months, then it is very likely for you to be satisfied by their services.
But before you leave the keys of your car you look carefully to the person who will performed the service: does he wear an uniform, is he serious, does he have a hair-cut and is he neat? If the answer is not YES to all of these questions you have to ask yourself: do I trust this person, can he take care of my car if he is not capable of taking care of himself first?