About us

Charalambos Rossides LTD is a small family business located in Nicosia. Today, it is managed by Nicos and Michael Rossides, carrying forward to our days the legacy of their father, Charalambos Rossides, who founded the business back in 1938. We proudly produce our hand-made products locally, accepting orders for custom designs and dimensions at any quantity for: 

We manufacture flags of all countries at multiple dimensions (table, bunting, custom sizes). We also provide the choice of digital printing of your own design, company logo or any image of your choice on high-quality polyester fabric. Since we manufacture the flag from scratch, we provide the choice of your custom shape, dimensions and design. 


Velvet fabric in the shape of a shield, decorated with a design of your own choice, suitable for parades and space decoration. We provide the choice for a metallic (aluminium) pole, which could optionally be sheathed in velvet and topped with either a white sphere or a brass cross. In addition, we provide the option of a two-piece pole for easier transportation and storage. We also provide suitable bandoliers and white parade gloves. 


Jockey, straw, kepis (police, military or custom), etc. We also manufacture custom hats (merchandise, company logo, embroidered or printed). 


Military rank badges, company logos, merchandise, custom design.

Military accessories:

Complete range of military clothing. Embroidered badges (rank, other), embroidered name tags, camo suits, jackets, t-shirts, socks, thermal underwear, jockeys, berets, gloves, fumo, kepis, etc. 

Hunting accessories:

Vests, pants, hats, gun cases, fleece, jackets, etc. 

Greek flag. We digitally print national flags on high quality polyester fabric. Cyprus flag. Buy flags of all nations made in Cyprus. Custom company logo flags. We will print your own design/graphic on high quality polyester flag.
Military clothing and accessories. We manufacture army hats, badges and name labels.Embroidery. We manufacture custom designs as well as military name tags and rank badges.

We are expecting you at the store, where you can have a close look to our products, have an one-to-one discussion with Eleni, get a personal quote and place your order.

Alternatively, you can meet Michalis at the factory, discuss about the several material choices and get a direct technical insight related to your very specific custom order.

For more information, please visit our website at www.chrossides.com